Intensive Courses

 Intensive Driving Courses Liverpool And All Surrounding Areas.

Are you In a hurry to pass your practical driving test? Then one of our intensive driving courses in Liverpool should be your first choice, these intensive driving courses Liverpool are designed to get you ready to pass your driving test in as little time as possible, unlike regular weekly driving lessons which can take up to  a year to obtain, with an intensive driving course you could have your driving license in as little as a week, so if you are in a hurry to pass your driving test.

The intensive courses can be booked with a test booking service and free of charge!

*The prices quoted below do not include the test fees*

Our intensive driving courses are offered as 3hrs, 5hrs, and 6hrs duration lessons.

Please note, we have a high demand for intensive courses in Liverpool – due to this there may be a very long waiting list, however, if you are willing to travel to Manchester for a course we may be able to accommodate you in a matter of weeks, whereas, in Liverpool we have a 2 month waiting list.

10 hours £220 – if you have recently taken a practical test and failed we recommend this intensive driving course.
15 hours £330 – suitable for learners who have been driving recently, have driven on complex roads junction/roundabouts, attempted manoeuvres and may just need help with polishing up their skills. We feel this intensive driving course to be a good choice.
25 hours £550 – if have driven in the past year – 2 years or in a foreign country then this intensive course should get you up to test standards.
35 hour £770 – if you have had around 10 hours of driving experience then this intensive driving course is suited to your needs.
45 hours £990 – If you have never driven in the past or have very little driving experience then this intensive driving course is a good choice.

Please note the above courses and recommendations are a guide, the DVSA recommend 45 hours of driving tuition with a professional instructor and another 20 hours of private tuition with friends or family to be at a good standard of driving, we have found this to be be accurate with the exception of a few pupils who have needed less.

What if I do not in Central Liverpool?

This will not be a problem at all. Our intensive course instructors live locally and can come to you whether you live in Childwell, Aguburth, or Crosby. We also offer residential intensive driving courses in Liverpool with accommodation arranged for you as part of your course for as little as £30 per person, per night. We’ll even pick you up from your hotel (if you are traveling from further a field) at no extra cost!

Need Help With Your Theory Test?

You can start learning your theory as soon as you book onto any one of our Intensive Driving Courses in Liverpool. We will provide you with online access to everything you need to pass the theory test and hazard perception part of your driving test. You will even be given your own login details and practise online like the real thing, you will also be given a tutor to help answer any questions and guide you through the theory test if you run into difficulty.

Why we’re different and why you should choose us for Your intensive driving course in Liverpool.

Go 2 Pass Intensive driving courses Liverpool are conducted on a one-to-one basis with experienced Approved Driving Instructors providing you with the attention to detail you need to pass your driving test. Whilst other driving schools often work on a ‘piggy back’ basis (this is where the learner driver only drives half the time and sits in the back watching another pupil the other half) we give you the full driving experience and believe it is only fair as it this is needed to help you learn more quickly a effectively just like an intensive course should be. We have a very good reputation for reliability and have fast tracked many past pupils to earning their driving license in very little time.

Choose us to give you Intensive Driving Courses in Liverpool to Give You the Edge.

Our intensive driving courses in Liverpool are designed to equip you with all the knowledge and skills required to ensure you are fully prepared and confident for your final driving test. We can take you through every step needed to successfully achieve your driving license; from studying for your theory exam through to driving up to the test centre. Our courses will also ensure that you are comprehensively instructed in the complete DSA syllabus. Throughout your intensive driving course your instructor will also thoroughly train you in every manoeuvre, to prepare you for your test.

Residential Intensive Driving Courses in Liverpool for Everyone.

Go 2 Pass Liverpool provide the very best residential driving courses,  our driving instructors make maximum use of your valuable time and money and help you to get your driving licence in the shortest time possible. Our courses are priced to be inclusive of all test materials as well as one theory and practical test driving test fee. We believe it is possible to pass first time and we promise to give you all the support and help you need to achieve this amazing result and change you life for the better.  Go 2 Pass residential driving courses adhere to the highest standard of teaching at all times.

Fantastic Intensive Driving Lessons in Liverpool.

Intensive driving lessons should not only be effective in teaching you but  are also extremely enjoyable and so they should be, we want to you be learning not dreading your next lessons with us. it is precisely this that makes us sound out from the crowd and makes us the best intensive course provider in Liverpool. Our driving instructors are relaxed, patient very professional and eager to make sure you find the entire learning to drive experience fun and instructive. To make the most of your learning time we try to arrange for your test to be conducted on the final day of your course providing you are happy with this.