Looking for a driving instructor Franchise that has you in Mind? Then read on!

If you are looking for a driving school franchise in Liverpool, We offer an instructor franchise in Liverpool that promises to deliver and has it’s driving instructors best interest at heart not just what we get from you! we don’t just look at you as a paying client instead we look at you as a valued ember of our team and together we will grow.

Why choose our driving school franchise in Liverpool?

No other driving school will go to the lengths Go 2 Pass Liverpool will, when it comes to generating work for their  driving instructors!  We use unique & proven methods to keep our instructors busy giving driving lessons and earning a high income.   We use local advertising, optimise our web campaign, localise keyword searches so that we are always at the top of Google searches, when your learners type in anything to do with driving lessons, we are always there unlike company’s who have a budget on Adwords and it then run out. We also send out our professional expert promotions team to your local high street for a quick boost of pupils. Remember With Go 2 Pass Liverpool you are part of our team and we need to work together to make it work – you look after your pupils, turn up for lessons on time, provide a professional service and try your best to provide your pupils with the best service. We promise is to provide you with the pupils and be a helping hand where you need it, we also supply all the materials needed for self promotion, We expect instructors to maintain a professional service and to preserve the excellent reputation of  Go 2 Pass we have forged over the years. To find out more about our driving school franchise , marketing strategy and pupil sourcing call our office or fill in the contact form and we will call you back.

Who are we? Go 2 Pass Liverpool, are a large, family run driving school – a sister company of Go 2 Pass, we have been established for over 12 years . Go 2 Pass have forged an excellent reputation over the years and have become a Northwest wide driving school, and our main booking office is based in Manchester.

Our Mission Statement: At Go 2 Pass Liverpool we value the personal relationships we have with each and every one of our driving instructors above all else. We endeavour to maintain contact with each of our driving instructors on a daily basis and believe that it’s key to a fruitful and sustainable driving instructor- driving school relationship. We believe that there is a mutual commitment between school and instructor to generate work and to maintain an excellent business reputation and company name, the more we grow the better for the driving instructor because with a good reputation comes lots of recommendations.

So, how does it work with us? At Go 2 Pass Liverpool we use a modern computerised booking system where a diary is setup for you, You have accesses as well as us so we know when you are free instead of disturbing you while on lessons we will just book the pupils in to your diary. We will then drop you a text to remind you of the booking. Introductory lessons are booked for you and subsequent lessons are then usually managed by yourself. Our friendly office staff are always ready to save the day when you have a “diary emergency” or help with any problems with pupils. Unlike large corporate driving schools we can offer you a personal service and have industry knowledgable customer service managers and a promise to always do our best to accommodate for your individual needs.